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updated September 2018 - Moved Roger Baalman's completed KR2S to the "Completed KRs" links.

KRnet is a free Internet mailing list devoted to helping KR builders and pilots to construct and fly their KR aircraft more safely and efficiently. This is THE place to get your KR questions answered. There are over 800 KR builders and pilots available to help you with problems that you may have concerning construction. It's a friendly group of folks who thrive on helping others. There are about 5-15 messages posted to the net each day. If you can't find it here, you're not gonna find it. To join, send an empty email message to You'll receive a "confirmation" email within a minute or so, to which you must reply for your subscription to take effect, along with name, address, and reason you'd like to join the list (this is to root out the spammers). You must be a member to post messages to the list. Again, this is completely free of charge, and we make a point of keeping it "advertising free". Once you are a "confirmed" member, you may make adjustments to your account (using the password sent to you in the confirmation message) such as to change your account to the digest version (which will put all messages into one message per day to reduce email). If you decide you'd like to UNsubscribe, simply send a message to . Other information on the list itself and maintenance of your KRnet account can be found at

Please search the KRnet Archive for information on specific topics before posting questions to the list. It's considered poor form to join and start asking questions that have already been answered 100 times before.

Roger Baalman's newly minted KR2S+ (it has an extra bay in the rear of the fuselage, as seen parking at Terry Chizek's BBQ in Marion Kansas.

The "Official" 2018 KR Gathering will be held at Mount Vernon, Illinois, on September 13th through 15th, 2018, hosted by several volunteers. More details on the 2018 Gathering and registration for the event can be seen at as we approach the Gathering. There will also be a link to order shirts and hats, to be picked up at the Gathering. The die-hards will show up on Thursday the 15th, just to get a head start!

You can expect about 10-20 KRs to fly in for the Gathering, depending on the weather. 2007 was a record, with 21 flying KRs in attendance. This is THE place to put your hands on real KR aircraft, as well as talk to about a hundred other builders and pilots, so don't miss it! If you're light and lucky, you might just get a ride in one. You won't likely forget it soon either. The die-hards will arrive after lunch on Thursday, the 15th. For an idea of what you'll see at the Gathering, check the links below.

The KR Builders and Pilots forum will be held at the Oshkosh forum area on Monday, July 25th, probably in the morning (EAA schedule is still pending finalization). Mark Langford will lead the group in a discussion of issues concerning KR builders and pilots, including modifications, engine choices, first flights, etc. After the forum, attendees will be invited to look over the KRs that have flown in, which will likely be parked near Homebuilt Headquarters again.

The links below feature various KR projects under construction to provide some insight into the KR building process. There are also links to finished and flying KRs, just in case you need a little inspiration. You can also search the KRnet website for keywords:

only search the KRnet website

KR2S Projects under Construction:

  • Mark Langford's highly modified KR2S and Online Builder's Manual (flying, but still under construction!)
  • Don Reid's radical KR2XL
  • Lynn Hyder's narrowed "1930's" KR1
  • Stefan Belatchev's French KR2S
  • Tim Brown's KR2S
  • Argentina's Eduardo Barros' radical fuselage KR2
  • a newer Eduardo Barros' KR2 site
  • Bob Lee's KR2
  • Herbert Fürle's KR2S
  • Kobus de Wet's KR2
  • Steve Andersen's KR2S
  • Ed Blocher's KR2S
  • Jaco Swanepoel's South African KR2S
  • Sid Woods' KR2
  • Kenneth Gerow's KR2
  • John Godwin's KR2S
  • Rick Farley's KR2S
  • Josh Choitz's KR2S
  • Darren Crompton's KR2S
  • Scott Watt's "KR Super 2"
  • Wayne Bone's Australian KR2S+
  • Dubi Gefen's Isreali KR2S
  • Carlos Carvalho's Brazillian KR2
  • T & S Holland KR-2S
  • Paul Smith's Aussie KR-2S
  • Craig Williams' Seafury-like KR2S
  • Sean Duggan's KR2S
  • Bob Johnson's KR2SSW
  • Bernie Wunder's KR2S
  • Peter Drake's Welch KR2S
  • Jon Kimmel's highly modified KR2S
  • Alberto Zorsi's Italian KR2S
  • Seth Jersild's KR2S
  • Hennie van Rooyen's KR2
  • Chris Pryce's KR2S
  • Henni van Rooyen's KR2
  • Matt Quimby's KR2

    Completed KRs, with most recent completions at the bottom:

  • N133RM, built by Roy Marsh, and became the prototype for the KR2S
  • Bobby Muse's KR2
  • Rudi Venter's South African ZS-VYZ
  • Lester Palmer's KR2
  • Troy Petteway's KR2
  • Ken Thomas's KR2S
  • Bill Reents' KR1
  • Jim Hill's KR2 N58DR
  • David Stuart's KR2S (New Zealand)
  • Steve Trentman's turbine powered KR2T
  • Graham Schott's KR2 (Australia)
  • Joe Beyer's KR2
  • Orma Robbins' KR2
  • Petros Avramidis' Greek KR2
  • Dean Selby's KR2S
  • Chris Gardiner's Canadian KR2S
  • Owen MacPherson's Canadian KR2 C-GGFW
  • Kevin Kelly's KR100
  • Bill Crawford's KR2S
  • Charlie Reeves' KR2
  • Christian Kogelmann's KR2S
  • Jim Faughn's KR2
  • Willie Wilson's KR2
  • Ken Atkinson's British KR2
  • Larry Flesner's 0-200 powered KR2S
  • Steve Jones' award winning KR2
  • Antonio Simone's KR1, Argentina
  • Steve Makish's KR2
  • Bill Page's KR2
  • Bill Clapp's KR2S
  • Mark Jones' KR2S
  • Mark Langford's highly modified KR2S
  • Pat Russo's KR2
  • Jeff York's KR2
  • Jeff Scott's KR2S
  • Joe Horton's KR2S
  • Serge Vidal's South African KR2
  • Phil Bookman's British KR2
  • John Martindale's Aussie KR2S
  • Dan Heath's KR2
  • Phil Matheson's KR2
  • Marcel Driessen's KR2S
  • Pete Brautigam's KR2S
  • Rob Schmitt's KR2S
  • Chip Vaughn's KR2
  • Jim Raleigh's KR2
  • Ken Jones' KR2 "Porkopolis Pig"
  • David Goodmans' KR2S
  • Benito Baldominos Baldominos' Spanish "KR2SB"
  • Rick Human's KR2
  • Brad Ankerstar's KR2
  • Rudi Venter's South African KR2
  • Robert Gill's Australian KR2
  • Robert Pesak's highly modified KR2S
  • Mike Sylvester's KR2S
  • Roger Baalman's KR2S


  • '94 Columbia, TN Gathering photos
  • '95 Columbia, TN Gathering photos
  • '96 Pine Bluff, Arkansas Gathering photos
  • '97 Perry, OK Gathering photos
  • '98 Columbia, TN "East Coast Gathering" photos
  • '98 Perry, OK Gathering photos
  • '99 Lake Barkley, KY Gathering photos
  • 2000 Oshkosh photos
  • 2000 Lake Barkley, KY Gathering photos
  • 2001 Oshkosh photos
  • 2001 Pine Bluff, Arkansas KR Gathering photos .
  • 2002 Red Oak, Iowa KR Gathering photos .
  • 2003 Red Oak, Iowa KR Gathering photos.
  • 2004 Mount Vernon Gathering photos.
  • 2005 Mount Vernon Gathering photos.
  • 2006 Mount Vernon Gathering photos by EL Miller and Glenda McElwee.
  • 2008 KR Gathering photos
  • 2009 and more recent KR Gathering photos
  • Big gap here, as the Gathering website was hosted elsewhere, othes took the photos, and then the photos were lost. I have my own of course, which I will try to post later.
  • 2015 McMinnville, Oregon Gathering, hosted by Dan Pritchard.
  • 2016 KR Gathering at Mount Vernon, IL, hosted by Larry Flesner and Chris Collins.
  • 2017 KR Gathering at Lee's Summit, MO, hosted by Rob Schmitt.

    One good resource for new builders is "The KR Gospel, according to Mark".

    There is an old but informative KRnet FAQ that is full of building tips. There is a lot of stuff there, so please check it out before asking the same old questions on KRnet.

    In 2014 there was an EAA webinar devoted to the KR series that is an overview of modifications, engines, flying characteristics, etc. Please forgive the "iron lung" sound effects...the mic was too close.

    There's a very informative "KR Performance" spreadsheet ) in web viewable HTML form that details performance numbers (speed, stall, weight, prop, engine, carb, etc) of many of today's flying KRs. The Excel spreadsheet version KR Info, so if you'd like to add a line or update yours, please send it to Mark Langford for inclusion into the Performance Spreadsheet

    Please utilize the KRNet "Mail Archive" search engine at KRnet Archive to check for immediate answers to your questions. This search engine has every email posted to KRnet since 2003, so whatever you're looking for, it's probably there! Thanks to John Boyeau for doing all the leg work to make this happen.

    We also have another archive mail system at "", but it has been less reliable lately.

    The KRnet list archive site is a list of all email messages posted in the last few years, listed chronologically. This archive is not as extensive and only goes back a few years, so it is best used as a backup.

    The KRnet Archives is also run by John Bouyea, and has almost all of KRnet's correspondence since the earliest days.

    A low-drag airfoil was recently designed specifically for the KR2S in a cooperative effort between several KRnetters and the University of Illinois. See details at the AS504x Airfoil Site

    The KR Newsletter was published as a means to discuss ideas, building and flying techniques, etc. All issues are posted on the KR Newsletter page. Reproduction of the KR Newsletter artwork with permission of Larry Capps.

    Mike Sylvester's O-200 powered KR2S has a simple but elegant paint job that's unique among KRs. Simple is the theme with Mike's KR, and it works! A spinner and wheelpants are in the works.

    Robert Pesak's O-200 powered KR2S has a unique one-piece wing that mounts from below the fueselage, along with some other well-made improvements, such as an aluminum plenum box system, with integral oil cooler.

    Rob Schmitt continues the KR education Kyle Micklewait got during Rob's KR orientation flight, a few minutes earlier. This is what the KR Gathering is all about...the opportunity for builders to talk to other builders and pilots, and toward completion, get a little KR stick time in to prepare for first flight.

    This is South African KR2, ZS-VYZ, originally built by Martin Clark in 1985, owned by Ferdi Koekemoer when this was taken, and now owned by Rudi Venter. It is fitted with a 2400cc turbocharged and intercooled Volkswagen as well as a 59inch Hoffman in-flight adjustable prop. I must say it has aged well, for a 24 year old airplane! For more details, see Rudi's ZS-VYZ page

    Don Reid has scanned and posted all known Sport Aviation articles dealing featuring KRs. While you're there, check out the rest of his highly engineered KR-2XL!

    Rick Junkin, a professional F-15 test pilot, has published a KR2S Flight Test Plan especially for the KR2S. You'd be crazy not to read this before flight testing your KR. This is truly excellent work!

    If you are getting ready to make your first flight, be sure to check out Jim Faughn's "How to make a Perfect KR Landing" site.

    Rob Schmitt has posted a KR2S Pilot Operating Handbook, provided as a template for others to use.

    KROnline is a FREE online electronic KR Newsletter devoted to sharing information with other KR builders and pilots in a timely manner. It is chock full of valuable information gained from the experience of many web oriented KR builders. Check it out!

    There's a Word document that details KR accidents listed in the FAA's database, at , although it is several years old and use an update.

    There is also a "CorvAircraft" list devoted to the Corvair engines in aircraft. You may subscribe by visiting and subscribing online, or simply by sending an email to There are several Corvair experts on the list, and experimenters who are flying behind Corvairs in KRs, Pietpenpols, Zeniths, and Sonex's (Cleanex), and working to install them in several other homebuilt aircraft. The CorvAircraft email list archive is located at .

    There is an alternative aircraft engine list devoted to the use of VW and 1/2 VW engines, as well as other automotive and motorcycle engines, in aircraft. For information on how to join, as well as access to their archives, visit the VW Aircraft Engine List Webpage. This is very good stuff for those interested in Volkswagen engines especially.

    John Martindale of Australia, in formation with ...

    Suppliers of KR parts:

    nVAero, LLC, 23052H Alicia Parkway #413, Mission Viejo, CA 92692 (800.515.4811)
    Official supplier of KR parts, blessed by Rand Robinson. Manufacturer of the composite KR1, KR2 and KR2S parts, mechanical assemblies such as flap mechanism and control sticks, canopies, KR plans,, and kits.

    Great Plains Aviation, 32266 S 4525 Road Afton, OK 74331-5553, phone (402) 493-6507
    VW based aircraft powerplants and accessories. Lots of good stuff that can't be found anywhere else, and at reasonable prices. Email is

    Corvair (Aircraft Engine) Authority, 5000-18 HWY 17 #247, Orange Park, FL 32003. (904) 529-0006
    Corvair Conversion Manual, and all the parts to do the job.

    Tracy O'Brien, LLC, 156 Bunker Creek Road, Chehalis, WA 98532 360-748-4089
    Supplier of KR-sized aircraft brake systems.

    Grove Aircraft Company, 1860 Joe Crosson Drive, El Cajon, CA 92020, (1-888-432-7534)
    Aluminum landing gear for KR aircraft

    Ed Sterba Props, 513 68 Street, Holmes Beach, FL 34217, (941)-778-3103.
    Wooden propellers for VWs and Corvairs. Props Inc., (541)-265-3032,
    Wooden propellers for VWs and Corvairs, by Jeff Bertuleit.

    Revmaster Aviation, 7146 Sante Fe Avenue East, Hesperia, CA 92345 (760) 244-3074
    VW based aircraft powerplants and accessories, cowlings

    Wicks Aircraft, , 410 Pine St., Highland, IL 62249 (618) 654-7447
    KR kits and components and many other aircraft parts, and my personal favorite (except their web site's obtuse).

    Aircraft Spruce and Specialty, 201 W. Truslow Ave., Fullerton, CA 92632 (800) 824-1930
    KR kits and components and many other aircraft parts

    Wag Aero, 1216 North Road, Lyons, WI, 53148 (800) 558-6868
    Wide selection of certified and homebuilt aircraft parts

    Zenith Fuel Systems,
    Carburetor source

    Ellison Fluid Systems,
    Carburetor source (one of the best, and most expensive).

    Another slide carburetor source (new on the scene and relatively inexpensive).

    Advanced Composite Materials,
    The most inexpensive source I know of to buy 5.85 ounce 48" wide carbon fiber.

    Sport Flyer's Internet Resources
    Everything else you'd ever need to find to build an airplane...

    Related sites:

  • Mark Lougheed's Dragonfly canopy page (excellent!)
  • NACA Document Library Online!
  • Michele Boland's Aviation Page
  • N-Number Database
  • Sport Flyer's Internet Resources
  • AvWeb
  • Bob Hoover's "sermons" on VW engines
  • Bob Hoover's Blog
  • Hoax and Virus web site (not really related, but some KRnetters need to visit here before posting about the latest scare!).

    This is Joe Horton's 3100cc Corvair powered KR2S as seen at the 2006 KR Gathering. Photo by Dave Mullins (the guy with the huge honkin' lense!).
    This is Larry Flesner's 0-200 powered KR2S, which Larry built before the KR2S plans were available. The whole plane is "upsized" a little to meet Larry's 6'-4" frame, and there's still plenty of headroom left! The workmanship is outstanding, and this plane gave my 2700cc Corvair a good run for the money. I took this picture on the way to the Wicks open house in 2010, where we met Ron Highower, EAA's new president.
    Mark Jones in his "Deer Slayer" KR2S, on the way to Oshkosh for Airventure 2009.

    This is Richard Shirley's KR-1. This thing is nothing short of totally awesome, and his piloting skills are incredible, as well. There are more photos and details located on the 2001 KR Gathering web page.

    Kim Neibauer in his newly minted KR2S, at the 2015 KR Gathering in McMinnville, Oregon.

    Jim Hill's KR2 doing 200mph flyby at Hazel Green airport, trying to get a better look at the windsock. Jim's KR2 has now been stretched and converted to tri-gear.

    Here's Netherlander Marcel Driessen flying his KR2S.

    This is Marty Roberts in his 0-200 powered KR2. I took this picture from Jim Faughn's equally nice KR2.

    This is Rick Lanning's KR2, the oldest flying KR, originally built by Dan Diehl in 1976.

    Steve Glover flew his flawless KR2 all the way from California to make the 2004 Gathering.
    This is Troy Petteway's O-200 powered KR2. It will do 230 mph flat out, mostly because of attention to aerodynamic detail. A careful study of this photo will show you how this plane differs from most other KRs. He is also flying the new AS504x airfoil.

    This is Aussie Allen Buzza in his retractable KR2, flying formation with Peter Gilbert in his BD5 over Fremantle Harbor near Perth.

    Nasser's United Arab Emirates KR2.

    John Shaffer's "KR2SS" (super stretch) has retractable tri gear, and looks very sweet in flight. This is his second KR, and like many others, has a lot of neat ideas implemented in this one. There are more photos of it at 2004 MVN KR Gathering web page.

    Here's Marty Roberts, Steve Alderman, and Jim Faughn flying formation near the Red Oak Iowa airport during the 2003 KR Gathering. There are lots more photos located on the 2003 KR Gathering web page.

    This is Joe Horton's airplane at Sun N Fun 2010. Steve Glover sent this to me to show how much hotter Joe's plane seemed to be that year...

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