1999 KR Lake Barkley Gathering </H3>

1999 KR Gathering at beautiful Lake Barkley, Kentucky (see http://www.lakebarkley.org/ )

Tom Crawford was the first to make it to the Gathering on Thursday. Due to KRNet anticipation, there were quite a few builders there on Thursday.

His engine won "Best Automotive Conversion" at Sun N Fun 99.

Tom replaced his Nyrod trim tab mechanism with a Mac servo, and is very pleased with the result.

Jerry Stapleton arrived from Jacksonville, Florida, and almost won "Longest distance" award. This was his longest cross country.

Jerry's KR2 has the mechanical brakes.

Mike Garbez had only 4 hours on his new KR2, so he trailered it in for us to see.

Mark Jones and Dr. Dean discuss Bobby Muse's plane.

Troy Petteway's very nice 2 1/4" panel.

Troy's slimmed down elevator, and lengthened horizontal stabilizer.

Troy's plane always draws a crowd, but moreso than usual this time.

Why is this idiot giddy with excitement? I got to ride in it!

Yes, those are the TOPS of the trees you're looking down on. You guys who want to build to the plans might want to check Troy's knees out under the panel. I had my arm around him and his shoulder was at my left nipple, not that I was complaining.

His was the first KR I've flown where I didn't do some sort of PIO. It did exactly what I wanted it to do, and nothing more or less, even with both of us in it and with the CG close to the aft limit.

Leigh Kolka's KR in formation for a pass.

You'll have to figure this on out on your own...

The end of a fantastic day.

Tom's propeller was made from laminations of maple and ash, giving it this really cool Zebra effect.

We found this gem in the parking lot early Saturday morning. The Corvair Authority (William Wynne) was just getting to bed after a very long drive from Florida.

Steve Bennett gave a forum on VW engines to a packed house.

Dana's new Bonanza, giving Dr. Dean an intro ride.

Marty Roberts' 0-200 powered KR2 has a wild new paint job.

Dana lays down the ground rules for the day's flying fun.

We had 17 planes there, thanks to the perfect weather over the Eastern US. It couldn't have been better. Check out that blue sky!

Terry Chezak's one of a kind aileron and flap mechanism.

Here's his answer to what to do about those ugly wires in the cockpit.

Willaim Wynne preaching the Corvair gospel. I've been SAVED!

Dr. Ashok explains the behavior of the new wing...

and then got to see the fruits of his labor with Troy.

John Shafer brought his newly minted KR2 "Super Stretch" (21 inches). This 1835 was a work of art. The Ellison is top mounted.

All three wheels retract.

It also had a unique sound, due to the one of kind 4 into one tuned headers.

Jim Faughn, about a hundredth of a second away from winning the spot landing contest.

Hail to the new wing!!!

Jim Faughn's tailwheel tube broke while sitting still (fortunately). He fixed it with a little epoxy, flox, and a few rounds of carbon fiber.

At the banquest, the first order of business was to pass around the contributions box...

while Jim Faughn got us started with the "KR Song".

The pilots were having a hard time remembering the part about how "I hate sanding".

Dana deserves a round of applause for this job, and volunteered to do it again next year. We took him up on it.

Tom carried home "People's choice" and "Best Engine", I think it was.

Larry Flesner presented Jeannette with several pictures of Ken's plane made at Oshkosh in 1972, as well as a copy of the Sport Aviation in which it appeared.

Dr. Dean Collette presented KRNet awards to the following folks:

Best Overall Post-Don Reid - "KR History in Sport Aviation"
Jim Faughn - "How to Land a KR"
Best Overall Contributor-Mike Mims
Best Web Site-Mark Langford
Technical Contribution / Special Award-Steve Eberhart - The New Airfoils
Special Award-Ross Youngblood - KRNet

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