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KROnline is a FREE online Newsletter dedicated to disseminating useful information pertaining to the construction and flying of KR aircraft.  KROnline was revived after the KR Newsletter folded, due to lack of subscriber base.


February 2003 issue

KR Antenna Installation – Jim Vance

KR Alternative Engines – Richard McCall


January 2003 issue

Making an Accurate Instrument Panel – Dave Mullins

Coax Cables – Jim Vance



Older issues:


January 1997

Scratch-built Forward Turtledeck and Fuel Tank – Mark Langford

Cure Those Parts with a Little Heat! – Abby Gayle

The Scoop on Multi-grade Engine Oil - ?

RMI’s Micro Encoder – Rick Junkin

VW Plenum Cooling System Update – Jon Finley

Poor Man’s Hot-Wire Foam Cutter – Mike Mims


December 1996

Builder’s Base – Ken Davy

Nose Gear - ?

Does Your KR need a Diet? – Ross Youngblood

Foiled Antennas – Tim Hughes

Oil Impregnated Tail Feather Bushings – Mark Langford

KR Tidbits


November 1996

2 Stroke International – Kimball Anderson

Designing Your Panel for Maintenance – Bob Lee

Basic Composite Construction, Part 1 – Mike Mims

Building Time Calculations – I. No Tell

Engine Weights and Horsepower – Dirk Rackley

1996 KR Gathering Video – Randy Stein

Initial Weight and Balance – Jeff Scott

KR Tidbits


October 1996

1996 Copperstate Fly In

Ken Thomas’s KR2S

Revmaster Aviation

Homebuilder’s Wife

Glass Cylinder Baffles

Glass Manifolds

Building Instrument Panels

KR Tidbits


September 1996

Building a Straight Fuselage - Mark Lougheed

Router-based Plywood Scarfer -  Mark Langford

1996 Oshkosh KR Forum -  Mark Langford

Les Palmer’s KR2S N202LP - Mark Langford

Shopping for the Partially Built KR - Jeff Scott

Turtle Decks My Way - Mike Mims


These issues were edited by Randy Stein and generated at a time when the KR Newsletter had become a real rag.  We ceased “publication” when Monte Miller took over the KR Newsletter and started doing a much better job.


 We depend on YOUR contributions (articles, dummy, not money).  This is your opportunity to show off your ideas, airplane, or technical knowledge, and share it with others.  Write something up in Microsoft Word (if possible) or something similar using the Word 2000 template at ,or the rtf version at ,  and submit it to Mark Langford for inclusion into a future issue.  Please compress and resize photographs to minimize download time for those with slow connections..  You can usually do this with the software that came with your digital camera, or use something like IrfanView (free) or PaintShop.  Lview,  or Cyberview.


Thanks a lot!