Bob Lee's KR2 Project

Bob Lee's KR2

The photos are below are of Bob Lee's project. It's a KR2 with retractable gear, and uses a VW type 4 engine. At the bottom some info captured from his web page and also there is the contact info for his wife Cheryl.

Description: N52BL is a plans-built KR2 using a Great Plains 2600cc Type IV VW engine that I have inter-cooled and turbo-charged with a custom built AirResearch turbo-charger capable of sustaining rated power to FL250. N52BL uses the stock retractable landing gear in the tail-dragger configuration. The wing is built to plans dimensions except for substitution of the AS5046 airfoil section for it's improved cruise performance. A three axis electronically controlled trim system is employed that is integrated into an autopilot capable of heading and altitude hold with yaw damping.

Design: N52BL is a plans built KR2 using the stock retract gear system, an AS5046 wing, and a Great Plains Aircraft Supply 2600cc VW type 4 engine that is turbo-normalized.

Bob died in 2014 and his KR2S project was sold. Perhaps we'll see it at the Gathering someday...

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