I begin of the Construction                                                        Fuselage

(My daughter Tuanne and my aircraft)                                  The boat

                    The boat 2                                                          The stabilizer                                                          

     Pride of the construction                                                   Begin Wing

  The wing construction                                        In the canopy

 I am military of the Navy of Brazil and work with NDT Non Destructive Testing in helicopters and  fighter (A4)Skywalker.   


  My occupation is with Ray-x, Ultrasound, Magnetic Particles, Eddy Current and Penetrating Liquids.   


  I have the privilege of working with aircrafts because, it was always my dream... and now, I am to build KR2 and I ask that he is ready until  december of 2009.   

  Thank you for everything,   


  Carlos Alberto de Carvalho

  Cabo Frio – Rio de Janeiro- Brasil