Charlie Reeves' KR2

Charlie Reeves' KR2

updated Sept 8, 2002

I'm 21.1 hours into my testing and everything is going well. She is fun to fly and responsive. Landings are the test! Getting the approach speed and angle of attack is the key! If not just right she becomes a world class bucking bronco!! Just go around!!

She is powered by a Revmaster 2100D using an Ed Sterba 54"D by 50"P propeller. At 5000'MSL, 3100 rpm my indicated airspeed is 130-133 mph, but ground speed is 152 mph using a GPS and the wiz wheel. This speed was verified by a 183 mile, 3 leg endurance run(50, 83 and 50 each). I need to have the prop re-pitched.

Charlie is in Tuscon, Arizona, and can be emailed at .

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