This is Kevin Kelly's KR100. It is a a derivative of the KR1 and KR2, and was designed as the "next generation" of the KR series, in collaboration with Rand Robinson Engineering. As you can see below, it was planned for production (well, PLANS and parts production), but eventually a marketing decision was made that it wasn't worth the effort to sell another single-seater design.

Kevin raced his KR100 at Reno several times, and turned in speeds of up to 262 mph. Notable departures from the KR1 and KR2 are the flaps (which attach to the aft spar, and are much deeper and longer (kinda like mine!), and the ailerons, which are also attached directly to the rear spar.

Jeannette Rand says that even thought it never reached production, it helped with the KR2S design because it proved that the firewall could handle the 0-200 engine and the gear design, among other things.

Thanks to Larry Flesner, who's saved the info above for decades, and then trusted me enough to mail it to me for scanning!

Kevin went on to design another plane from scratch, and sold his airframe to Doug, who wrote in to KRnet: "Don't know this will help, but I know for fact the wing and WAF's will take the loads if made right. I have the KR100 from Kevin Kelly, we raced it in Reno and other places.To race the plane you have to do a sustained 5 g pull on the airframe, every two years.It qualified in Reno @262 one year.It has a KR2 wing."

Doug is in the process of bringing the plane back to life, and is currently rebuilding the engine.

More later, as I have time to do a little research on this thing...

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