I was very young when I flew my first kite
Home made of sticks and tissue paper
I remember watching it fly and dreamed
of building and flying A real airplane

I had only just started and it was looking like an airplane already

My Version of the Rand/Robinson KR-2 Plans set #5092

I wanted an early 1930s racing style look
and to scratch build for cost reduction and also
the pride and satisfaction of doing it all
while experiencing the creativity and joy
of working on the ultimate work shop project


One piece wing, solid foam core, 23 foot span, push rod ailerons
Narrowed fuselage with armrest to reinforce the wing mounting
Side control stick on the right
Throttle, carb heat, trim control and speed brake on the left
Cantilever strut landing gear with 5.00x5 tires
KR-1 canopy, Bent wire fuel gauge
Glassed fuselage, 4 plys around firewall corners
Hang down rudder peddles
Day VFR, no electrical system
Hand proped Lycoming 0-235-C 115 HP 62x70 Prop
Empty 575 Lbs, Gross 985 Lbs, Useful load 410 Lbs
Removable front deck, aluminum fuel tank
Totally scratch built except wheels, brakes and canopy

I wanted the look and feel of the natural wood
and I also wanted the KRs heritage to show

Chart tray under instrument pannel
Baggage under seat against main spar

Removable seat cushion for sleeping pad
Rear baggage is a 36 inch nylon duffel bag snapped over access cover
Rear deck cavity for coat and hat

Well, here it is August 2001. I started my KR in May of 1982
Many things have happened in my life but I never gave up on my dream

Langford's KR construction site