Steve Jones' award winning KR2

Steve Jones' award winning KR2

Steve Jones from Venice, FL flew N212KR to SNF for the first time in 2004. He has about 80 hours on the clock.

Homemade 4130 nosegear strut with castoring RV fork and wheel pants. Note venturi clamped to exhaust Y pipe.

Steve Makish, Steve Jones, and Bob Lester discuss the Type 4 engine, which belonged to Makish previously.

Steve's horizontal stabilzer has been stretched about 5" on each side, made from carbon fiber. He says it's a stable airplane.

From left to right: headset plugs, boost pump switch ( in the shadow), trim lever, up is the tach,carb heat, T&B, ASI, DG, HSI, rate of climb, throttle, volt meter, Microair 760 com, mixture control, oil temp, oil press, 4-combo egt/cht for each cylinder, breakers, ign switch, vacumn gauge, Hobbs AT150 transponder, fuel gauges under edge of panel.

Here's the first one of these I've seen on an airplane. Looks pretty good on this one!

Deihl wing skins and tips, with nav lights installed.

Paint is PPG concept,single stage urethane. Excellent work!

Steve's Type 4 VW engine won "Best Automotive Conversion" engine at SNF 2004 (this photo by John Bouyea).

(another photo by John Bouyea). Not bad for a first KR flight to SNF!