KR Newsletter Archive

KR Newsletter Archive

The KR Newsletters were published over twenty-seven years by five different editors. The first issue was July of 1975 by Ernest Koppe. These newsletters were invaluable at the time, and still are, as a resource for new construction and design ideas, lessons learned, personalities, and a history of the evolution of the KR2S as we know it today.

I have been assured by the editors that the KR Newsletters were never copyrighted, and a thorough search of the Copyright Office has convinced me that it's true. I have the permission of all surviving editors to scan and publish them as the collective work of the builder/pilot contributors, and the tireless efforts of the editors as well.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Ernie Koppe, Hank Forester, Earl Teporten, and Monte Miller. Monte, in particular, stands out as an exceptional editor with great writing and artistic skills, an excellent understanding of aircraft construction methodology, and an amusing sense of humor. The KR community thanks him and the other editors for providing this invaluable resource to past, present, and future builders of the KR family of aircraft.
  • All KR Newsletters in a single PDF file

  • Newsletters 1-60
  • Newsletters 61-114
  • Newsletters 115-167
  • Newsletters 168-214
  • Newsletters 215-266
  • Newsletters 267-287 (new)
  • Quarterly, issues 2-16, published by Steve Bennett at Great Plains Aircraft during a lull in KR Newsletter generation. Still looking for Quarterly issue number 1...anybody?

    These files are huge (almost a GB), and take a long time to download. I could have improved on the quality of the pictures slightly (but not much) at the cost of the files being ten times larger, and far more trouble to create, edit, download, and read. Despite the very slight degradation in image quality, these files are far better than the hard copies from which they were scanned, because they are text searchable. Just use "control F" to open a search box, and key in the word you are looking for to find all occurrences of the word within the PDF file. There are some hand-written parts that won't work, but this will collect the vast majority of the occurrences. Also listen to

  • Ken Rand's Oshkosh forums, from 1973 to 1978. They are pretty interesting!

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