Oshkosh 2000

Oshkosh 2000 (from my perspective, anyway)

First order of business was the "New KR2S Airfoil" forum, where Dr. Ashok G. was the keynote speaker. He did an outstanding job, and everybody learned at least SOMETHING about the process of designing the new airfoil.

I would guess that the tent needed to be about twice as big to catch the overflow. And we were worried that nobody would show up!

After the forum we had an interview with Mary Jones, Editor of EAA's Experimenter magazine. She seemed to think that KRNet's collaboration to create the new airfoil would make a great story for the November or December Sport Aviation.

Dr. Dean and I found these clowns out in the "south forty". We couldn't get much out of them though. They kept talking about some kinda "wild turkey" or something.

Steve Eberhart showed up with his BX-2 Cherry plans, and we oohed, and ahhhhed at what a REAL set of plans is supposed to look like, even if they WERE in German.

This is the "Ellison replacement" carb that Monnett's going to be selling in a year or so. This one is sized for a 3200cc engine, and has a 38mm throat. Hmmmmm, that sounds mighty close to my 3100cc Corvair engine displacement. Target price is $200. This one's mounted to a VW engine!

See those two little coils that look they came off of a Briggs and Straton? That's exactly where they came from! This mama's got dual ignition, redundant! When was the last time your lawn mower's ignition system quit? Never? That's what I thought. There are two magnets bolted to the flywheel to induce the current.

These are the Hooker seatbelts I bought for $149 each (15% discount at OSH). Oscar bought some from Summit Racing $100 each that should be checked out too, but they weren't quite as custom as these. You fill out a sheet with about 15 dimensions and mail it back to them and they build them to fit your plane and body.

They come in all these colors.

Monday night Mark Jones had us over for Brats and beer, and showed us his project out in the garage. He knows his Brats, folks.

This is his version of the elevator pushrod with built in counterweight. I think it might look better than mine!

This is how he mounted his aileron bellcrank to the forward side of the aft spar so there would be plenty of room for it (unlike the plans version. And, he's using the AS5046 wing which is even tighter back there near the trailing edge.

This sure beats the picture in the manual.

Mark's Corvair engine is ready for rebuilding this Winter.

Here are a few pictures of some of the more salient features of "Nemesis".

You haven't lived until you've seen 12 small airplanes on short final doing 180's right before touchdown in order to avoid a cross runway, on TWO parallel runways! The tower is talking non-stop rapid fire, with no time for pilot replies. Wing rocking only!

This is the new BeechJet, which Troy Petteway will be flying soon.

The rest of these pictures are just some things that I was interested in on this mission to Oshkosh, namely wingtips, fairings, cowlings, paint schemes, and ducts. You might or might not find them interesting, but I resized and compressed them sufficiently so that just about everybody should be able to see them all without running out of RAM.

This looks a lot like my flaps, but sort of inverted. A good system, altogether.

If there were only a "Best Wing Tips of show award"...

This is the white position light, one on each wing trailing edge! Sign me up for this one, but I'm using LEDs.

This winglet mainly serves as the fuel tank vent.

Another nice one!

This Pulsar cowling looks like it belongs on a cruise missile, or maybe a Corvair powered KR2S!

Another fancy fuel vent for wing tanks.

Hmmm, this one looks kinda familiar

Ford V6 power in a pusher.

Dirt cheap pushrod operated tailwheel setup.

I really like this one!

My uncle flew one of these (Shoo Shoo Baby) in WWII, but didn't everybody's?

It's heavy, but at least it's pretty!


That is all...

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